Tech Brief: 2212 superconductors for high-power density motors for aero propulsion

The product objective of this program is a first of its kind, high temperature superconducting (HTS) wire, cable, and coil, that is based on the 2212 superconductor (Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8), that exhibits low losses at very high ac field ramp rates, that can operate at above 20 K beyond the limits of other options, and that enables superconducting stator coils for high power density motors and generators.

Based on our Phase 1 results, a practical 2212-based wire and cable will be developed that meets low loss, current density and > 20 K operating temperatures targets, with coils produced and tested to validate progress.   As the first step, loss reducing features and current densities of best mode wire designs identified in Phase 1 will be developed, along with the capability for longer length production.

A low loss cable design will then be developed with loss testing validating that both wire and cable meet required loss levels – a target that has been out of reach with HTS until now.  Coil building techniques will be advanced by fabricating and testing racetrack forms and applying this know-how to build and test a demo coil with all the features required to provide >20 K superconducting operability.


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