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We develop and commercialize superior round and rectangular superconductor wires, and their cabled and coiled forms, such that they enable advances in NMR and MRI for imaging, instruments for scientific studies, components for experimental fusion reactors, and particle accelerators for physics research and for treating certain medical conditions. Additionally, our superconductors are critical to the development of vital components for light-weight, high-performance, more efficient electric power equipment, including wind generators and specialty motors.


Develop successful superconductor products with HTS that provide customers and end-users with unparalleled benefits.


Environmental stewardship of people and the environment.  Helping people and our world through science and engineering.


Commitment to excellence in science engineering and their applications enabling next next-generation products.

We invite you to learn about our capabilities, products, and services in this dynamic and expanding field.

Providing Advanced Superconductor Solutions

Tech note: A superconductor loses all resistance to the passage of electric current at low temperatures and their electrical current densities greatly exceed those of standard copper or aluminum conductors.

Helping people and our world through science and engineering